Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bat Follow-up and Skunks - July 27,2013

Skunks are pretty - really!

I get up pretty early in the morning, during the week it is around 5:15 A.M. and I "sleep in" on the weekends until 6:30 A.M. or so. By getting up that early and taking my coffee out on the deck, I get to see animals that are nocturnal and just getting a last forage in before heading off to their dens. Saturday morning was like that, with Casey and I out on the deck about 7 am or so. Casey is 15 years old and mostly deaf but man, she has the nose of the fox hound, and she may not be able to see when something is around, but when her nose goes up and she gets excited, I always look around to see what is there. And there it was, down in the pasture just below the fence where the fire pit sits. A skunk was digging around under the trees looking for the things it likes to eats..bugs, frogs, snakes and acorns. I have a lot of all those things. The thing with skunks is that they are pretty much fearless, and who wouldn't be in their situation? I imagine them as the "Hulk" of the animal kingdom. Skunks are docile and pretty when they are calm but you won't like them when they are angry! Here he (or she) is on a zoom picture. I didn't get that close!

Pretty Skunk!

Bats are gone!

We had an extreme amount of heat here for a week or so, with the temps around 112-115 F. Because the bats were roosting in a cavity above the window on the west side of the house, that temp was probably at least 20 degrees hotter. So they moved out on their own! But just to be sure, the pest control company still came out and sealed up the holes and put a "bat tunnel" where they were going in and out. It is a one-way door that allows the bats to leave but not to come back in. Here is what it looks like on my house. 
Plastic Bat Tunnel - they can get out but can't get back in.

Turkeys are stupid!

I had a really scary moment on Sunday morning - I heard knocking on my glass sliding door. I had been dozing in and out but that shot me straight out of bed. All these thoughts were running through my mind, like how could someone have come up the hill and the gravel driveway and I not hear them? And of course, my dog is sleeping away since she can't hear anymore. I peeked my head around the bedroom door and looked to see who it was.. and there they were. My local turkey flock of 2 hens and their 2 teens pecking at the door. You see they cruise through the yard every morning and late afternoon and the sun hit the glass just the right way to make it reflect, so they were pecking at the new turkeys they saw in the glass. They are so dumb! The dog and I stood there and watched them for about 2 minutes until they gave up... here they are moving on to another part of the yard. Probably talking smack about the rude turkeys who moved into their yard and won't even acknowledge them.
My little wild turkey flock - not the smartest tools in the shed!

Sunflowers are cut! 

And finally - I cut the heads off of 4 of the tallest sunflowers to get the seeds to dry out and save. If you are interested in getting a packet of seeds email me -

4 bees on one of the giant sunflowers
From the wild hills of the gold country,


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