Monday, September 2, 2013

Bats Update -9/2/2013

Remember how the pest company came out and put that one-way door on my house to get rid of the bats in the attic? Well it did work... They left my attic space over that window and I thought they had moved back to a cave or something.

Nope - they moved under my deck. I have a couple of support joists that are about 2 inches apart from each other. When I was doing my standard walk around the house, I noticed a bunch of droppings on the ground under the deck. (Actually, Casey smelled them first and I noticed her and walked over.) See that beam that is not painted?

I looked up and couldn't see anything until I got the right angle to see them...I counted 20 or so bats up in that little space. 

My deck as viewed from the ground
If you can't see them well, zoom in...

Kinda cute...if you like flying rodents.
 I love having bats around the house because I really don't have any mosquito problems this year, but this is a little much. Of course I had to film them at night flying out...
I am the stupid person whistling in this video... it seems to get them vocalizing...

I have hung up a bat house for them nearby, and am trying some techniques to get them to move out.. it seems to be working as the day I left the house I only counted 5 still stubbornly refusing to move on. I just hope they are in the bat house and haven't found a way back into my house!


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