Monday, September 16, 2013

New Windows Update 9/16/13


There are some details still to be done on the window installation like the fact that one is still missing.. but otherwise it is looking really good! 
First the old pictures - 

Bay Window

Broken sliding glass door

Front windows
Here is some of the "during" pictures. These windows took a long time because the siding was wrapped around the frame of the windows. And the frames on these are deeper than the old ones so every frame had to be cut to fit.
You can see the old siding (gray) coming out from the new siding. That is what they had to cut.

Scaffolding on the front

Scaffolding on the south side 

This is how high up he was when working - and notice the new window!

Big hole to replace the old sliding door.

Close up of one of the windows. 

Front view - so pretty!

They did a great job - just waiting to get it all finished..


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