Wednesday, October 9, 2013

UPDATE - Hotel Leger - Up For Auction ! - Cancelled!

I just checked website and the Hotel Leger has been removed from the auction, so someone has paid the bill! There are some interesting properties and the lot my friend and I looked at on Comanche Lake was really nice. There are some steals of a deal to be had here... 


I got an email from the Calaveras county with a list of properties that are going to be auctioned because of past due taxes and of course, I am going to look at them because the real estate bug is a serious illness. 

I saw a few properties (mostly vacant lots) and then I noticed an address that was on Main st. in Mokelumne Hill. After looking up the address I was shocked to see it was the hotel. They are apparently late on paying their taxes and owe $56,000 so the county is going to auction the property.

This is really sad... I know that logically there isn't a way for this hotel to make money as a hotel in that little town. But it still has so much history and I have to believe there is something that could be done. 

If you are interested in the properties that are going to be auctioned, here is the website.
On the left of the page is "County Tax Sales" and if you go there you can see the listings. My county as well as Amador and Sutter county have some interesting deals... who knows? If you buy something we could be neighbors!


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