Monday, October 21, 2013

More winter garden prep - Oct 2013


I am almost done with getting the garden finished for the winter hibernation - or in the case of the raised beds, the winter planting.

For the raised beds, everything summer was removed and garlic and broccoli was planted. The only plant from the summer that is left is the basil which just keeps on going and going... I have onions as well as some seeds for beets and carrots in the beds too. They are covered with netting so I am hoping they will make it and won't be eaten by the birds or the deer or the gophers or the squirrels or the raccoon, etc. Some people say that people who fish are the ultimate optimist, I think a gardener might be a delusional optimist!
Some of my winter garden seeds.. yep I have a lot of them!

Also I pulled all the weeds from the asparagus bed and put compost on them as well as starting year 4 of the garden. See the pictures below for more info;

Asparagus bed cleaned out

I put a border around it and have watered in compost

For the other main planting area - I am continuing the "Lasagna" method which means no tilling or turning over the dirt. I took all the plants that were pulled out and put them in a pile. Raked up some of the edges to the middle to neaten it up.
Lots of plant material to add to the pile
 Then I added compost and steer manure and watered it in well to help it all compost faster.. 
Bags of "stuff" about to go on...
Watering in everything to get the decomposition going before it gets too cold
Also my friend came up to visit and you know it is fun to hear the reaction from people when they go out on the deck and look at the view. They all visibly relax and just want to stay and soak it all in.. I really try and capture that as well with the 1000 pictures I have taken from my deck, but don't know if it is possible or not. Here is one more.. sorry.. but I just love seeing them..
Deck view

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