Sunday, November 3, 2013

Yard Stuff, Bats and Cave Tour - 11/2/13

Daylight Savings Time is here... ACK!

Lake Comanche

Very Interesting weekend - I actually got to go on the cave pictographs tour that was sold out! It was an all day event and worth it.. and of course I have lots of pictures but can't post them online. The cave is easily accessible to those who know where it is so they make you promise not to post any pictures electronically. If you are interested you can contact me and I will share them with you... off-line. I do have some generic pictures from the walk that I can share.

Morning sun coming through the tree before our walk started.

The lake is really low.

This is a little succulent growing on a rock in the shade, looks like a tiny Aloe plant. Just amazing that it can survive like that- no soil, little water but it hangs in there!

Yard Update 

VERY LITTLE RAIN! This is bad, bad, news as I usually am able to turn my watering off by the first week of October. I watered everything this weekend and then turned everything off because it is getting cold and I don't need any pipes to freeze and burst. I am getting the different areas worked and ready for the winter. I am building up the layers in the large planting area by the asparagus bed. The lasagna gardening is working although when I explained it to the folks at the nursery I go to they gave me that glassy-eyed look... oh well!

Path is done and planting area is almost done.

Worm and castings from under the plastic bags!

View from above

If you are wondering why there are plastic bags in a row, it is because I use them for weed block. I usually buy a lot of soil amendments and hate throwing the bags away and I don't like weeds. So I started laying the bags down and holding them down with all the rocks I find in the dirt. It works and I don't have to buy weed guard fabric. And it gives the worms a place to hide... which I like a lot. The soil level has come up now about 1 foot from when I started this type of gardening. I need a couple of more years I think to get it where I want it but it is a 1000%  better than what I started with!


The bats under my deck are not bothered at all by the sonic noise generators I stuck out there and they don't seem to want to move to the custom built bat house my dad made for them. So I am trying more tactics that will convince them to move without harming them.
1 - I staples mylar "flash tape" that you usually use to keep birds out of your garden around the area they are roosting. My sister read on the internet that this messes with their sonar and they don't like it. (If it is on the internet it must be true!) My deck looks like a left over birthday party!

Party on my deck!

The wind really moves them around..
2 - I hung bird netting on the front of the deck where they like to leave so that they have to go out the sides. It is loose and they can go under or around it.. so it is just an annoyance to them. Make them uncomfortable.

I also raked up all the poop again and threw it over by the bat house but who knows if this will work. I really, really like bats! I just don't want them under my deck! 
If anyone else has an idea let me know...


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