Sunday, December 1, 2013

Greenhouse Project - Post 1

Building a greenhouse - Part 1

My hoop house didn't stand up to the strong wind we have at my house, so the clips would come off and the sheeting was torn up. When the house windows were being replaced I asked them to leave them and started planning to build a greenhouse with my dad. (Why? How is it I think these things are a good idea? And what is funnier is that when I called Dad and said what do you think? He was like - let's do it!) 
It is a big project, not one for a beginner. If you are not used to this kind of building and want a greenhouse, use the hoop house model or buy a kit. 

Here is the pictures over the 2 1/2 days - It all started with the lumber delivery on Monday afternoon. My driveway is pretty steep so it is always exciting to get a delivery.. and see if the driver can actually make it up!
Truck from Lowes

Pallet of lumber
The greenhouse dimensions are 10 ft wide by 12 feet long and the first wall is the hardest to put together. We did have a design plan but we used the windows and built around them to get the openings the right size.
Laying out the design for the first wall

And it is up!

Casey was supervising the work site. Notice the hard hat? That lasted for about 30 mins.. and the tool belt has it's own story.
The rest of the walls followed the same pattern. Layout the windows, adjust the wood and frame them in. 
Wall #2 - these are actually the glass from sliding doors so really large pieces and HEAVY!

Frame is up and braced for wall #2 - Dad is feeling proud!

Back wall framed on the ground - with Sophie watching us this time.
3 walls up and braced - we are making progress!
After getting all the walls framed and braced the hard part is attaching them together and getting the walls squared up. Then we started installing the windows and the screening with the help of my nephew and niece. They are 13 and 10 and were a really big help, my niece was a demon with the auto-hammer! Maybe the D-I-Y bug has made it to the next generation?
Laine and I looking at the window we just put up.

Grandpa showing Laine where to hammer to keep the window in place.

All working together!
Jacob did all the screening around the top - ventilation is key in a greenhouse. 

Dad standing in the "doorway" of the house.

Jacob stapling more screens - he did a great job and had to work on a ladder!

Laine and her auto-hammer!

Dad and his regular hammer.
Here is how we left it at about noon on Thanksgiving day- all the walls are framed and the windows and screens are in. We still need to get a roof, siding and a door in.. this took about 15 - 16 hours of work to get here. It is really exciting to see it this far along though and hopefully I can get it finished before January or February when I want to start using it.
I love it!
Thanks to my dad who worked so hard on this with me, and to my wonderful niece and nephew who helped us make the final push to get to this point. 
This isn't a normal thing to do on a holiday break, except for our family!


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