Sunday, January 12, 2014

Building A Greenhouse - Post 2

Putting the outside skin on the Greenhouse

Update 1/19/2014 - I got more staples and finished putting up the last corner of the film. Dad and I are going to work on the roof in 2 weeks.

This weekend was the second step in the greenhouse, stapling up the poly film to the outside of the structure. (Actually, I was hoping the roof would be the second but my dad and I haven't been able to connect yet.) The sheeting that I used is 6 mil thick, and is construction grade. In the sun and weather it will hold up for about 2 years and while that isn't great it is fine for now. I finished almost the whole thing in about 5 hours of work and only left a corner section unfinished. (I ran out of staples!)

Getting Started
One section down..

Front section is complete - and yes those are rain clouds!

Corner section
Back - if you are wondering why the ATV keeps moving, I used it as the ladder. Too lazy to drag one up from the garage!

On the front door I used this tarp zipper that you stick on to the poly.

Then you unzip it and cut it open

Somehow Casey always gets in the middle of things!
Trying out the door

Done except that right corner there... sigh.. next weekend!

Other items for the weekend - orange and grapefruit is ready! And man the oranges that didn't get frozen are just awesome. The grapefruit I did try and they are not super sour yet.. really good.
Pile of citrus
Daffodils coming again - they are so tough!

Sunrise this morning

And finally - when I was leaving a herd of deer were in the pasture by the gate. One of them is the doe that thinks that I live on HER property so none of them were very worried by me. 

Doesn't she look like she is wondering what I am staring at?


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