Thursday, January 23, 2014

Random Pictures from the weekend


Sometimes I come back from the house and I have a mixed up set of pictures that don't form a whole post... but I like them! Or I thought there was going to be a story with them but it didn't completely fill out. It happens!

Here are the ones that I took and liked too much to let them stay in my computer.

I want to document the effect of the drought that is going on right now.. but just showing you a brown patch of grass or a dead tree is not very descriptive. So I am going to take the same picture of the front yard over the coming weeks and you can see what is happening. 

Front Yard - Mid January 2014
And of course I can't resist a sunset picture... it is just so peaceful and pretty...
And as you know, I love my birds! They keep the bugs down and while most are pretty plain, the Western Mountain Bluebird is absolutely gorgeous. The photo software I use is always trying to turn the blue into a gray, like it can't believe it is real!
This guy was outside my window almost like he was posing to have his picture taken! And when I was walking in the afternoon, I just loved the sun coming through the trees in the lower pasture.

Sunlight and brown grass
 If you notice, there is brown grass everywhere... last year I posted pictures of mushrooms and the water in the creek. This year, I am running around in shorts and tee shirts and praying for rain. 


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