Wednesday, April 2, 2014

*Update* - Fish Farm Open House - April 12th, 2014

Sat - 4/12/14

I just got back from the fish farm and yes... they did recognize me. The lady knew my name and asked how my system was going. I had to tell the truth and let her know all the fish died, which scared another guy who wanted to know why they died... all of sudden I was there in the center of about 6 men who were staring at me like I was talking football. I said I don't know.. mumbled about new water and crazy automatic fish feeder and took my new bag of fish and ran off... 
Please please please let this batch live! 



I got the email from the wonderful place where I bought my catfish before is going to have another open house on April 12th. I am going to go but hope no one recognizes me! I will be so embarassed if they ask what happened to the last group of fish! Maybe I could wear a disguise? Not sure if that is possible or not....

Freshwater Fish Open House Info


Nick is coming home this weekend and we will be going to the Oakland A's game and then up to the house for the weekend. Should be a fun time! 


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