Friday, April 18, 2014

Greenhouse Aquaponics Post # 6 - April 2014

Please don't call the catfish police!

As you can probably tell by the title... my trip to Freshwater Fish Company last Saturday didn't end well for the fish. The visit to their place was fine and yes, they recognized me... and asked how my system was doing. I have a really hard time lying so I had to tell them all the fish died from the first batch. It got really quiet and one customer blurted out "How?"... I tried to mumble about there was new water, too much food, a stupid human and grabbed my new bag of fish and left. And here is proof that they did exist at one time..

My new batch
AND I got a new inverter to replace the one that blew up along with another battery and hooked them up below.
Much stronger inverter
Tomatoes and 1 pepper are doing great!

Lettuce is just growing like crazy. I have started new seeds in those other pots.
Everything was going good Saturday but unfortunately, Sunday didn't go so well... overnight the batteries ran out (expected that) but the hose you see on the top tank became a siphon and all the water drained back into the big fish tank. (didn't expect that)
That black hose pumps the water from the tank to the top grow bed. When the pump stopped all the water drained back to the fish tank.
Do you know what happens when all the water goes back to the fish tank? The water level gets too high and the dumb fish jump out... yep, they all committed suicide by jumping out of the tank. I am NOT making this up. One was still alive so I stuck him back in the water and he was swimming when I left but if he survives until I get back there in two weeks, I will name him Lucky.
Catfish Massacre #2
When I told Nick what happened and of course I am completely depressed, he said," look at it this way; If there was a catfish mafia you would be the #1 hitman!" What a dear boy he is....always looking to cheer his mom up.

If you are wondering if I will try again, the answer is yes I will ... but I hate to go back there again and try to tell them how I have killed 49 catfish in short order. I can't be the worse they have ever seen can I?


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