Sunday, April 13, 2014

High Speed Internet at Last!



For about the last year I have been trying to get some form of high-speed internet up at the house without any success. A group of us called and pestered all the traditional companies like Comcast, AT&T, Frontier and anyone else we could find. We had the option of using a satellite provider but their speeds were really slow, 5 mbps and the cost was high! We also have this service using radio towers called "Line of Sight" internet but no one had a tower in our area. A couple of people on the outside of the subdivision were able to get it from a company but it was slow. Last year I overheard someone talking about a new company that had started in Mokehill and gave them a call. After 8 months, he was finally able to get a couple of towers in the subdivision and I have internet! It was so strong that I was able to work from up there on Friday and run both of my laptops at the same time. I even tested it with streaming videos and a skype video call and it did well.. so here is a big "THANK YOU" to Empyre Wireless of Mokelumne Hill and owner Shawn P.


My bird netting caught and killed a rattlesnake this week.. it was a medium size one about 2.5 to 3 feet long... I untangled it from the netting and then cut the rattle off to dry out. Here are the picture for those that are not squeamish..
Snake stretched out

Tangled in netting

Turkey Nest

The turkey hen is still on her nest protecting her 11 eggs... not sure how she is surviving because I don't see her move to get food or water at all. The nest is right by my front door.. and she hides really well. 

Do you see the turkey anywhere?

This is from my front porch looking down.. she is so well hidden you can walk right by her and not notice at all.


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