Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wildflowers, Lettuce, Rain and Hail? April 27th, 2014


All winter we have been in this horrible drought and we have finally been getting a little rain... but Friday afternoon we got a lot of hail. About 1/2 inch on the ground and it didn't melt for hours!
Hail on my deck
Lower pasture - it looks like a light snow!

Veggie Garden - no weeding got done this weekend.
That was all day on Friday - so the only thing I could do was work in the greenhouse. The remaining catfish all died and I have no idea why. The water test was fine so I am stumped. BUT the lettuce is phenomenal and just absolutely loves this method of growing. I used seeds that are smaller versions of lettuce heads from Territorial Seed Company.  But the "Tom Thumb" that said on the package would be a tennis ball sized head of lettuce, perfect for one, grew to the size of a dinner plate very quickly.
Heads of lettuce

"Tom Thumb" - supposed to be a tennis ball size

Tomatoes are doing okay - they really need more sun and heat to take off.
I have eaten that lettuce and it is so clean tasting because it wasn't grow in dirt and there weren't any bugs or anything.. just awesome! Now if I can get my fish to live and grow!

Update on the Hop experiment

The hops are growing well.. 6 weeks after planting and they are approaching 4 feet high.
Nugget hops at 6 weeks
I am almost afraid to see what will happen when it warms up later this week and summer starts to show up... they are heading for the deck and hopefully they don't overtake it!

Wildflower Pictures

The rain at the end of March and beginning of April has brought out more and more wildflowers, so you get more pictures!
Icelandic Poppy ( Not California Native)

Bachelors Button - beautiful blue

Pretty white flower - don't know the name

One of the tough lavendar irises

Beautiful, delicate balloon like wildflower

This is just gorgeous paper white lantern wildflower

My front yard is a riot of colors!

Even red clover is getting into the act!
And finally - I love this picture. My back hill is covered in wild purple lupines but in the midst of 100 purple ones you have a yellow one.. there are a lot of ways of looking at this picture and finding meaning in it. But I think the best is to be true to yourself and not be afraid to stand out in a crowd. :)

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