Thursday, May 29, 2014

Deck Repair Project - Memorial Day Weekend 2014 (day 1 -3)


My favorite laborer (my dad) came up to help me with repairing the deck on Monday, Memorial Day. Of course, as soon as the demo started we realized we were in for a bigger project then we anticipated! 
My goal was to replace the railings and steps if we could, and we did get all the railings replaced but not the steps. This is not a 1-day project and the skill level is definitely not for beginners! The deck is elevated off the second story of the house and that gives it a higher degree of difficulty.
First load of wood
 These are before pictures of the deck.
Floor boards with a lot of damage


Front railing and deck

Dad using a crow bar to take the railing off.

This is what it looked like..

Bad damage from dry rot

Dry rot in the post - and this is what was stopping people from going over the side!

The posts were connected to the joists below by lag bolts so we had to take them out to replace them.

Railing is out!

My friends all say they don't believe that I do the work since I am not in any pictures! Believe me I do the work and here is proof for you!
New post is in the corner and we are starting the railing - notice the caution tape? That was for my dog.. 

New railing going up!

Screwing in the new railing to the post.

All the railing is up - now I have to put the stiles back in.

Back of the deck needed new posts and railing as well.

Back deck posts, railing and stiles going in..we reused the stiles so the colors are the deck don't match. I am going to have to paint them.
Time Saving Tip!
Replacing any stiles can be a chore if you try and measure each one and then screw them in. Instead create a jig, by measuring the distance between the stiles before you remove them and cutting a piece of scrap lumber to fit. Then when you are putting them back you just hold up the jig and you have the same measurement over and over, without having to use the tape measure.
I mark it so it doesnt get thrown away!
The deck needs a lot of work still, and I am afraid this is a multi-part episode. I am working on filling the holes with wood putty and replacing the damaged deck boards. THEN when all that is done, it needs to be painted since I have so many different wood types I can't stain it.

Any volunteers??


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