Friday, May 30, 2014

Hops Experiment - May 30th 2014


I have been growing 2 "Nugget" hop plants as an experiment to see how they would do out here. We haven't had a long heat wave yet so not completely sure how they will handle that but so far,the experiment is a huge success!
They were planted on March 15th or 10 weeks ago and are close to 8 feet tall on their way to 20+ feet. They bloom in late summer and my friend at work and my son are both anxiously awaiting them...

Here are the pictures so far of how they are doing.. 
1 week after planting

2 weeks

3 weeks and now they are taking off!

5 weeks


2 months

10 Weeks - they reached almost to the floor of my deck so I have had to string them to the roof of the deck now.

Close up of the leaves at 10 weeks
Apparently, there is a shortage of hops for the home brewer market right now. If I can get these to grow well, I can turn the back hill into a "HopYard" and make some money at this!


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