Monday, May 19, 2014

Weekend of 5/17/14


Not a lot happening this weekend but good news, the goldfish are still alive! And I think I have the solar almost figured out to work all night long. The second crop of lettuce is going good and I have planted more stuff... chard and squash. :)

Baby lettuce will done in a couple of weeks

Tomato has a fruit!

Not sure which tomato this is but it is doing okay so I am happy with it.
Also, I was able to harvest the onions I planted in the fall. They are "Stockton Red" and are curing now on my deck. Some of them were as big as a grapefruit!
Onions on my deck

Close up on the onions
The garlic will be done soon so at least I have gotten a winter crop out of the yard! I can't wait to try these onions. Family and friends will be seeing some too!

This upcoming Memorial Day weekend my dad and I are going to work on replacing some of the bad boards on my deck, and the railings which are shot. I spent saturday trying to prep it by power washing the deck to see where the wood is good and bad. You can see the difference the right side is clean and the left is not.

If anyone wants to learn DIY - come on out Memorial day weekend!


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