Saturday, July 12, 2014

Deck Repair Project - Post #2


The deck project is still going on... so I thought I would give you an update. Remember it started with my dad and I working on it over the Memorial Day week. I took the week off because I needed to use up some vacation hours. We ended up replacing most of the railings and really didn't get very many deck boards replaced. If you didn't see that post and pictures, you can find it here.. Deck Project Post #1

Since then there have been some more floor boards replaced but not all of them that I want to eventually replace. And I have started the painting on the railing. You can't just paint though, you have to fill in the cracks with wood putty. Then you have to sand them down and wipe off the dust. I used a paint sprayer and just regular outside paint for the railings. The floor boards are going to be rolled on because the paint I chose for them is by Behr and it is called Deck Over. It is very thick and fills in the cracks and splinters... supposedly. 

My nephew Jacob trying to pry up a board while being supervised by his mom (my sister) Denise

Here are the pictures form the rail painting..
Old wood meets new wood - lots of putty and sanding to get these together

Long railing before painting

Stirring the paint

Long railing after painting

View of the long rail and stiles about halfway through painting

The paint sprayer working really well to get a nice finish on the wood.. not brush marks or anything. I started early in the morning, around 7 am because by 11am it was too hot to paint. The paint will dry too fast and not be as smooth once it gets 90 degrees (F) or more. Makes finishing the rest of this deck a challenge. I just have to find those mornings where I can get up and get it going before everything is too hot.

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