Saturday, July 26, 2014

Honey Bees! July 2014


I have an exciting thing happening at the house now.. I have bees! Actually they aren't mine, they belong to this older Russian man named Leo. He contacted me from a craigslist post that I had looking for goats and asked if he could bring his bee hives to my property. I said sure! I have no fear of bees and I want to support them because there are a lot of diseases that are wiping out entire hives at one time. 
The bonus is that they will pollinate my plants, and I get honey as a rental fee!
This was just the first trip... 

And more hives!

And more hives!
Altogether there will be between 60-70 bee hives down in this little space. They have their own watering bucket and hopefully they will find enough to eat to make honey. One thing that got me excited today was that one of the bees had found its way to my greenhouse. And was busy on the canteloupe flowers...

This makes me happy! Although I wish I was able to have a veggie garden this year, but no way with the drought as bad as it is right now. It is actually getting a little scary how dry everything is out there. The slightest bit of spark or flame can cause a huge about of trouble.. I am praying for rain and the cooler weather of fall will be enough to help get us out of this mess. 


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