Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4th Weekend - Yard Work


It seems that the weeds and flowers are all dead by my 4th of July holiday weekend and now it is an annual tradition to mow them down. I had a good year with the wild flowers and the late rain helped them to extend a bit longer. But I haven't watered the front yard except for a couple of times this year so far and with the heat of summer everything faded fast. Here is a picture from January of this year of what the front looked like then with a little water. It was all green because the flowers really hadn't started blooming yet.
Jan 2014 - Casey in the front yard
Here is the yard in April when we finally got some rain..The flowers and the weeds were pretty high. They were so pretty though!
April 2014
Here is what it looked like today... before I cut it.

From the front door

Front yard July 2014
It takes me about 2 hours total time to cut this mess and trim it all up.. and of course I alway bust at least 1 sprinkler and I have to replace it. Thankfully when I buy sprinkler parts I always buy more than I need so I have a spare on hand.
When I am done the yard looks like this..
All mowed!
The neighbor's goats just love when I mow because I give them a couple of wheelbarrows full of the cut grass... 
She isn't shy!

Munching down on the free lunch!
I have been working on the deck some more so will post those next time.


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