Friday, August 15, 2014

Game Camera Pictures AKA Critter Cam!

For my birthday this year my dad got me a trail camera with infrared pictures. I have always wanted one for here so that I can see who is visiting my property when I am not around. It has been really fun reviewing the pictures and it is a low-cost security camera as well. It is camouflaged in the trees and points at my house, anyone driving up to the house will have to pass by it.

Here are the pictures that I have from it and yes, I am excited! I have a doe that is hanging around with her fawn but look at the skunk.. he is here every night I found out. Same with the neighborhood cat... a couple of surprises as well!






COYOTE! I knew they were here but now I have proof!

Skunk! This guy or gal makes the rounds almost every night.
This is so much fun to see all these animals that visit when I am asleep or not here. My ultimate goal is to get a picture of a mountain lion. Every winter a male lion makes the rounds here and we get all these emails about how a goat is missing etc. My hope is that this year I can get a picture of him to share with you!


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