Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 - End of Summer Summary


Well the first day of Autumn is here and it brought with it some much needed rain! I have been on vacation out of the country for a couple of weeks so wasn't able to do any posting about the house since I wasn't there. So this a quick round-up of where things are right now as we head into fall. (Which I hope is rainy and leads to even a wetter winter!)

Greenhouse - Aquaponics
The fish survived while I was gone but the water was so low from evaporation there was only about 1 foot left in the tank. I am going to down-size the system for the winter and try and get the greenhouse insulated a bit more. Great bounty of tomatoes and lettuce though when I returned and they just tasted amazing!
Greenhouse plants!
The tomato plants look like they are done, and the cantaloupe and spaghetti squash plants just keep vining along but never setting any fruit. I think next weekend I will rip them out and move to 2 beds for the winter.. just growing winter greens like lettuce and kale and chard.

Deck Project
I have been painting on the railings and made some progress there, in fact I should be able to finish them this weekend if the sprayer holds out. 
Starting out with the raw wood and some newspaper to protect the siding

Half and Half shot so you can see the different color

This section is done!
The deck flooring is another matter all together.. need to find the time and muscle to get more of the rotting boards replaced and then paint them. One additional wrinkle is that the bats are back under my deck... so I have been trying the metallic streamers and the high frequency noise maker to get them out of here. I can't really paint over them! I hope they move on..
While I was working on the deck last weekend, 3 peacocks were sitting on the playhouse deck watching me for a couple of hours...
My supervisors
It was strange but they have been hanging around eating the birdseed I put out. (I will do another post of the critter cam to show you.) HOWEVER - I came here last night and this morning my main deck is covered with peacock droppings. So I am not really happy about that... need to see if I can figure out a way to keep them off of there.

Bees and Honey
The beekeeper had to move more of his hives onto my property due to a fire in the area. We have had a bad summer for fires and this one was about 50 miles north of my house and he had hives there he needed to move. Even if they didn't get burnt there isn't any vegetation for them to feed on after the fire is out. He brought me another gallon of honey! This honey is one from his friend in Washington state and is wildflower honey from up there. Need to start selling this so if you are local and want any let me know!
That's a lot of honey!

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