Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bees, Honey, Hops and Beer - Sept 3rd, 2014


I have an interesting intersection of random items that have come together into a finished product and it is really exciting! Here are the basic building blocks that have been transformed 

1- Bees 
Leo has brought his bee hives to my property, about 60 of them. I have enjoyed watching them work and wish we had more flowers for them! 

Some of the hives as they started to be brought in
2- Honey
He is paying me in honey for the rent of the land. Since we can't harvest anything this year due to the drought, he gave me a gallon of honey from last year! A gallon of raw, organic wildflower honey!! I put it into pint jars and sold one to my friend and kept one for our use. But the other two went to Nick for his beer.
Love the color on this and man it is good!
3- Hops
The hops are growing but aren't ready yet to be used in beer. But I wanted to include them so you can see what is happening now and for the future...

Bagged up first batch

Which brings us to ... beer!
The recipe that my son used is one of those that you use as a base to build out your flavors. But I have to say it was pretty good on its own, very dry with a clean taste. Here is the recipe he used:
-3.5 lbs of Light dry malt extract -2,5 lbs of LOCAL HONEY -1.5 Ounces of Cascade hops (for boiling) -.5 ounces of cascade hops for finishing

And here is the finished product - yum!

This is the first time I have something that was created from raw ingredients and could actually make sense as a source of income. We are going to build a larger hop yard to grow a few more varieties and sell them to craft beer folks. The craft beer hobby has taken off and there is a shortage of hops available for them and the larger corporate breweries. And with the emphasis on locally grown items, it could be a good income stream.


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