Monday, September 1, 2014

Greenhouse and Aquaponics - Update Sept 1st, 2014


My family and I are leaving for vacation and I will not be going up to the house for a few weeks because of it, so I did something stupid and bought another feeder for the fish and tested it out last week.
Pet Feeder... bad idea!

What a horrible failure! I got in the green house and it smelled so bad and the water quality was terrible. I had to dump 1/2 the water to get it somewhere closer to habitable and I haven't seen the fish, so no idea if they lived or not. (No dead bodies either so a little confused.) The plants are doing good though and the cantaloupe finally got a little fruit on them!

Tomato plant is going a little crazy!

Tomatoes on the vine

Tomatoes picked - had to pick some greenish ones because I won't be back for awhile
Cantaloupe baby!!

Bell Pepper in the tank
The real question is how will everything do while I am away? And what am I going to do in the winter time with the whole setup? I need to put a better roof on it because right now the plastic tore and I  have a temporary tarp on it.
Roof is all ripped up!
I want to put the poly panels on it and then put up racks for dirt planting as well, and then try and insulate it for the winter... not sure if I can do all of this! But will give it a try! Any volunteers?


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