Saturday, November 1, 2014

Aquaponic Summary - End of the Season


It is daylight savings time and it finally rained! Which means with the cold weather I needed to figure out what do with the greenhouse and aquaponic system for the winter.The greenhouse needs a roof and I can't do that by myself so for now, I have put a couple of blue tarps on it and now have a true "redneck" greenhouse. 
Ripped Roof - see the blue tarp next to it?

For the aquaponic system I have decided to keep it going through the winter but reduced it some. Instead of 3 grow beds which was fine during the summer, I have gone down to 2 beds. The  goldfish don't eat as much when the water cools down this much so I can't support that many plants. 
2 grow beds instead of 3 
I do still have tomatoes and bell peppers growing from the summer, and kale and lettuce for cool season plants. (The lettuce did terrible during the heat of the summer!) I will see if I can keep the greenhouse warm enough to keep everything alive and the fish eating and pooping.
Bell Pepper

Tomato still hanging in there!

Baby Kale
One big disappointment is the solar system because the inverter is making strange shrieking noises.I have disconnected it and have gone back to electricity from the house. I really want to make the solar work so next season I need to find someone to help me with that.
I have planted garlic and a couple of onions in the raised bed and will be planting a whole bed of onions when they come into the nursery.
Garlic and yellow onions

I am praying for lots of rain this year so that I can have a full garden again. It wasn't much fun this year having to buy veggies like zucchini at that store! 

Here is the video of the aquaponic system running with only 2 beds and it seems to be doing good. Of course I wish I had catfish but I will start that again in the spring.

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