Sunday, November 9, 2014

Onions are in! Nov 9, 2014


The onion starts finally came into the nursery that I go to in the tiny town of Burson, Rising Sun Nursery. (Onion starts are seedlings that have been "started" from seed and then picked and sold. Onions can be grown from seed, small bulblets or starts but I find starts to be the best value for the money and easiest to grow.)Last year I planted some not knowing what they would do and even with the drought they did well. So this year instead of just red onions I am also planting a sweet yellow onion, and of course, garlic.

50 red and 50 white - tiny onion starts

Laying them out in rows- last year they were too crowded so I am giving them more space this year.

One bed done with mostly red onions

Garlic has sprouted - I planted that a couple of weeks ago

2 big beds of garlic and onions!

Hopefully with the amended soil and some rain... please rain... I will have a good crop to post pictures of in May 2015!
In my greenhouse and aquaponic system, I am going to see if the tomato that sprouted will survive and thrive during the winter. It hasn't gotten to freezing yet and hopefully I can get the full roof on before it does and seal up the house. It would be so awesome to keep growing things through the winter! The kale is up and growing good but it is a winter vegetable so it likes the colder weather.

Tomato baby - crossing my fingers it keeps on growing
 Finally - I want to leave you with a picture of why I love coming here. This was taken on 10/31/14 after the rain storm went through...amazing colors...
Just love the clouds and the colors!

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