Sunday, November 23, 2014

Strawberry Plants are in - November 23, 2014


I am so excited! The nursery that I shop at in Burson, Rising Sun, finally got in the strawberry plants I have been waiting to plant. 

(I built the bed for them a little while ago.. see this post for details on how I built it with reclaimed wood. Strawberry Bed Project)

The strawberry bed is 2 feet wide by 8 feet long... so I bought 20 plants from them and laid them out like this below;

| _____________________________Seascape  (10 plants)__________________________________________|
|                                                                       Furrow in the middle                                                                          |
| __________________Albion ( 5 plants) __________________Cascade (5 plants)_______________________| 
The weather was cold and rainy but I didn't care because rain makes me happy! Here are the steps to take to plant the strawberries:

This is what they look like when you buy them, all roots..
The plants aren't very attractive when you go to but them, they are just a stalk and a bunch of roots. But this is the most economical way of buying them with all 20 plants costing me just $7. If you consider what the cost of organic strawberries are in the store, this is a good thing to plant if you only have a little room and need to decide on what is best. They do well containers so you can even put them on your patio!
First I pulled back the straw that has been protecting the bed since I filled it up. Then I made 2 long hills on the outside of the bed with a furrow in the middle.
Building the hills

Laying out the plants
You plant these up on a hill because they really hate to be wet...
Seascape row is done - spacing out the back row

All the plants are in and ready to go
After planting them in their 2 rows, I added some organic fertilizer, laid out the watering tube and then covered them up with the straw.
Cute rows with the watering tube and organic fertilizer - grow babies grow!

Covering the plants with straw

Bed is covered in straw again to help protect them
The covering with the straw does a couple of things, it prevents a really hard rain from tearing up the dirt, and it gives a little insulation to the plants at night to keep them a little warmer. Right now we have a few warms days coming so they should get growing and be able to hold on until spring. Crossing my fingers!!
The garlic and onions are doing good as well.. the rain we are getting is just a blessing!
Garlic growing well!

Onions are not as strong as I would like to see - hopefully a few days of warm weather will get them established before the frost hits.
I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday! I am going to go to see my parents in Madera along with the rest of the family... should be fun!


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