Saturday, December 6, 2014

More Game Camera Pictures - aka "Critter Cam" for Nov/Dec 2014


I have captured a picture of something new this time, a fox! Here are the pictures from the last month or so..

But first - my neighbor's goat has figured out how to jump the fence and apparently comes over to visit while I am not home. She leaves behind the 4 other goats who stare at her through the fence.

 Deer action shot!

This black cat swings by every night - I have tried to convince her to come inside but she will have none of that. She is well fed and not feral but her being out at night is dangerous.

Silly me - I thought I had 1 raccoon on the property because of pictures like this..
Fuzzy bandit!
But nooo - I have at least 2 which means I may have more..
Two raccoons!
And finally - I definitely have a coyote that goes through the area but now I have a picture of a fox as well!

Seems like everything happens at night here!


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