Sunday, December 14, 2014

Storm Damage - 12/13/14


If you live in the United States and you listen the weather news at all, you heard a lot of noise about a rain storm coming to California this past week. It wasn't just rain but also a lot of wind, some gusts up to 50 mph in the higher elevations. Well my house as you know sits on a hill and it has a breeze most of the year, but during a storm things get really crazy. So I was concerned about the trees around the house and the greenhouse to see how it would stand up. Thankfully the new roof panels stayed on tight, but the plastic sheeting on the walls was shredded by the wind. It was so bad that I lost all of my seeds, a lot of the mesh pots and even the chair was blown around inside the greenhouse. BUT, the grow tanks stayed put and the fish were fine..they just had to swim around some debris in the tank.

Front door was torn open

Back walls ripped off

Debris inside the greenhouse

Very happy to see everything still pumping

My nephew helped reseal the walls of the greenhouse.. while it was still raining!

Tree up the hill behind the greenhouse snapped - it was dead and about 150 feet tall. It is propped up on some other trees right now so I will see how long that lasts. Thankfully, it is a long way away from anything it could damage.

Not pretty but it is sealed up again against the elements and the critters.. in the spring I will need to figure out a real door for it.
Don't get me wrong, I am very happy to have the rain but was not wanting it all in a couple of weeks time! I just hope it continues through to March and doesn't stop like it did last year.. January was completely dry and warm..


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