Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday 1/17/15


It is an interesting morning today. When I woke up today there were some high clouds and I could see the fog down in the valley. As the morning went along, the fog started creeping up the hills towards me. I was talking on the phone to my mom for 30 mins and watching all this happening out my window. Right now, at 9AM, I am completely fogged in... so instead of running out to kill weeds and tackle the yard, I decided to write a quick blog post. 

You know you live in the country when you see this on the highway down about 2 miles from your house..
On Highway 49 down from my house
And best of all, when you open the cooler there are the eggs and the money box... it is an honor system! You put your money in the little box and take your eggs... can you imagine this in the city? Not only would all the eggs and money be gone but so would the cooler! For people who have never had local eggs like this it can be a shock because they are not perfectly clean and all the same size.

They don't match and I like it that way.
This is how you know they are from a hen in someones yard and not from the store, they have little pieces of saw dust or dirt on them.

Finally, yesterday there was a magnificent sunset that I had to stop and take pictures of to share with you.

Sunset on Hwy 12/26 - Friday 1/16/15

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