Saturday, January 10, 2015

Small Projects - Leaky Toilet Fix


My new toilet in the hall bath has had a little leak for awhile and no matter what I did I couldn't stop it. Worse, the slow drips leaked down to Nick's room and caused damage on the wall! So we were worried that it was worse than we could see and I was very concerned about the cost to fix it.

First - we had to look at the water damage in Nick's room. Here is what I saw went down to his room.

Paint is sagging down and that isn't right.. 

Close up
We went in and cleaned out that paint bubble and it isn't bad.

Not too much damage
We will just need to patch and repaint this spot which makes me happy! The toilet was pretty funny... I knew where the leak was happening but my dad still wanted to do the food dye test.
What is that? Well you put a lot of food coloring into the tank of the toilet and see where the water comes out. So your toilet water looks like this...
Finding the leak by dying the water and looking for a green leak
We found the leak and replaced a washer that was missing. We were pretty sure it was fixed but we did it again with red food dye.
Checking our work with red dye
We got it fixed really quickly which was nice. Next time I go up I will fix the damage in Nick's room. 
Other pictures....
Fox on my driveway during the day which is unusual

Left side my mom's oranges which were watered and the right side are my oranges which barely got watered over the summer. You can see that water makes a difference!

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