Sunday, February 8, 2015

Feb 8th, 2015 - Rainy weekend which gets you "critter cam" pictures!


I am very happy this weekend because it has finally rained! This is the first storm since the rain in December and we are all anxious because a 4th year of severe drought will be horrible. My community here is on city water, but that water district is tiny and doesn't have any access to a water source with what is called "Senior Rights". Pretty scary times right now... 

BUT - the rain is welcome and here are some pictures I found entertaining... the first wildflower is up and blooming today, which will make my bees very happy.
And the green house has a new door and a new inverter for the solar system. If you are keeping track this is #3...
Door I got from Habitat Restore for $35! Dad helped me cut it down and hang it.

3rd inverter - hope this one works!
Now for the critter cam pictures! I have a fox that is here almost every night, and raccoons who keep ripping into the greenhouse after the fish food, a herd of deer and a neighborhood cat... funny pictures for some of them...

Fox cruising through
And then I have these guys...
Squirrel Posing

Skunk Strutting!

Raccoon mooning me!

Pigeon Posing
Cats.. I just hope they don't meet up with the fox...

And then the deer... my herd is made up of 5 deer. The older doe is one that has been here for a long time... and she has her posse. They are not afraid of me at all...

Lots happening even if I am not here as you can see!

Love the rain! Keep it coming!