Saturday, March 7, 2015

Building a Hop Yard - Post #2

(This is the follow on to the first post where I decided the back hill next to my house will be a hop yard... and why not make it from wood from my land? I need to stop having these "great" ideas, they are just a lot of work! Here is the link to the first post Hop Yard Post #1)


I have successfully, and finally built a small-scale hop yard! I mean small in that I will have 6 hop plants this year, which is an improvement of 200% over the 2 plants that I had last year. Let me recap for you, I have a love of gardening that is nearly psychotic.. and my son started making beer. The two items came together in a bar..talking to a lot more home brewers and the one thing they are all missing is a good supply of local hops. I have STEEP back hill that is next to my house that really isn't useful for much as it is, so I decided to make a hop yard using logs from my down trees. Here is where I am now..

It started with a couple loads of branches that we cut up and moved to the hill

I dug out a trench to give the bottom logs something to support them and stop them from rolling down the hill!

Soon realized that gravity was in control so hammered in rebar to support it for now.
I am hopeful that I can remove once everything settles into place.
Row #1 with a side row

A couple of rows up with the support poles
One support pole in the front will act like a tent pole for 2 plants to use

Close-up of the wall and how it is working together. I have a feeling this will be a work-in-progress for a long time.

Filling the dirt

Dirt is in and poles are in.. now just waiting for the plants
I have taken some tree support poles that are 10 ft tall and put them on either side of the planter, with jute twine in between. I will use that to train the vines up and over. The straw bales will go on top of the plants when they get here. All I have left to do is figure out the irrigation and wait for the rhizomes to show up. I am planning 4 in that planter area along with the 2 in the planters from last year.

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