Sunday, April 19, 2015

Critter Cam Pictures April 2015 - Red Fox and a Surprise guest!


This weekend I did go out and get more catfish for the tanks but I forgot my camera.. since it has been at least 3 weeks since I looked at the game camera I thought I would review that today. I had a bunch of moldy fish food that I threw out in a big pile in front of the camera to see what it would attract. I got lots of birds in various shots of landing and taking off.. and of course eating. These are pretty cool!

These are steller jays, scrub jays and a woodpecker.

A lot of acrobatics in the air!

Next I got a few good pictures of my "blonde" squirrel that is a very strange thing to see. I also have a picture of the normal grey squirrel so you can compare.

 This isn't an albino since it isn't white but it is a really light blonde color.

Grey Squirrel

Grey squirrel is here for comparison.
Then I got a couple of surprises... not only is there 1 red fox on my property but for a while there were or are two...

TWO Foxes... they came back several nights in a row to eat the fish food. It is a meat food so they probably liked it a lot. Plus I am sure they eat cat and dog food that might be left out. 

And finally... my biggest surprise... a Bobcat!
And there you have it.. I am very happy....just need a mountain lion and a bear to round out the pictures.


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