Saturday, May 16, 2015

Garden Update May 16th, 2015


You know for mid-May in a drought year, I am making things work in the garden. I don't have my big veggie garden for the 2nd year in a row because it seriously didn't make sense. My area is on a mandatory 32% reduction in the use of water and I can't justify watering vegetables to feed the deer. But I have the greenhouse and the aquaponics system and that is putting out lettuce and kale like you wouldn't believe! The kale is finally going to seed..
Kale.. this is 2 plants that have made more kale leaves than I can eat some times!

Only 6 weeks to harvest this "Tom Thumb" lettuce, and that is my garden calendar in the background.

The onions I planted last November have been pulled up today to cure. Last weekend I bent down the onion stems to get them started and today I pulled them from the ground and laid them on the dirt. Before I go home, I will move them to a rack in the greenhouse to cure for a couple of weeks. I have left some of the smaller onions in the ground to see if they will continue growing. I sure have a lot of onions!
Last week bending the stalks over

Last week

Today before pulling, this is what onions look like that are ready to pull

Yellow onions

This one is really big!

View of both beds with the onions pulled to cure

The brown skin is because I started it last week curing by bending the stalks down.
 Onions and garlic are a favorite because you can grown them over the winter. And if you have any rain at all you really don't need to water them until the spring time. These beds would be vacant without these bulbs! The garlic isn't ready yet and will probably be a month or so at least.
Tomorrow before I leave for home in the bay area, I will gather up the onions and put them in the greenhouse to cure for a few weeks. Then I can give them away or store them in a cool place for a long time... did I mention I bought 100 onion sets??? 


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