Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hop Yard Update 7/10/15


I am not having the success with the hops this year that I did last year. Granted, last year I had 2 hops that were babied all season. Giving them the care they needed wasn't a problem. Those were the Nugget varietal and they seemed to do quite well. Right now my hop yard is looking pretty pathetic with the only success being the sunflowers and vegetables that I planted, so that I could use the water from the hops to grow something else.
Upper Bed - view from my deck - There are 3 hop vines growing in this one.

Wide view - I expected the vines to be up to the jute twine by now, but only 1 is.
Centennial in lower bed is only about 8 inches tall

Side view - the vine in the front is Centennial and it only about 3 feet tall

Only  the liberty hop is doing well and one Nugget..
Liberty Hop has reached the top of the twine!

At least the sunflowers are doing good
I am trying to save one of the Nugget vines that is really struggling, because I think the heat has gotten to it.
Dying leaves
Really poor growth

Dry Dry Dry
I removed all the co-habitating flowers from the pot and have been giving it extra water and organic fertilizer. It seems to be perking up a bit but really I don't think it will have much for me. In the winter, I will plant them both in the ground to give them a little more help. Like I said this has been a disappointing second year. I know for sure that the Centennial should be doing better than this but I think I will pull them out after this year is over. I will try with just the Liberty and Nugget and see if I can source a Chinook rhizome or two for next year.