Saturday, August 15, 2015

More Critter Pictures 8/15/2015


The drought is so bad right now that tree branches are falling off the trees and the deer are eating my hop plants! Hops are stinky and sticky and last year they left them alone, but not this year. 
Hop with snipped leaves

This was a zucchini plant

Tomato and hop plant both eaten down by the deer

I saw a tarantula out as well - and this is really early for them...I hope this is a sign of a wet winter!

This year I once again put out a stock tank for the bees and the other critters, and filled it with water. It has a float to fill it when the water gets low, and last year I had no issues with it all. But last week when I came home the float was knocked sideways and water had been running for a while. Since the camera is pointed right at the tank now, I was able to see how long it was running (1 week), and who the culprit was that knocked it (mama deer). Here are some pictures from the last month or so of the shenanigans that go on when I am not here or I am here and asleep...

The water on my driveway made me very popular!

Turkey family is still going strong!

Love this capture of the woodpecker flying at the camera

Skunk covered in stickers.. but I am not volunteering to brush him.

Hate the raccoons!

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