Sunday, September 13, 2015

Update on Butte Fire 9/13/2015


I went up with my son yesterday to go check on things and the house is still there... This morning the fire was at 65K acres and 20% contained which is a lot better than in the last couple of days. We are still under mandatory evacuation and the fire right now is 1.42KM away from my house which is a little closer than before. We saw the crews and heard the bulldozers cutting the fire lines so we know they are trying to make a stand. The town of Mokelumne Hill looks okay right now, the old historic downtown and the houses by it. You can see the fire wrapped around the town on the map so the firefighters must have fought it there too. I am afraid my realtor who sold me this house lost her house as she is under the pink zone there... I emailed her but haven't heard yet.

The fire map this morning... the star is my house
Yesterday morning about 10 AM

You couldn't breathe the smoke was so bad and we had to wear masks.. the power has been out so we cleaned out the freezer and fridge and dried everything up. Right now it is all in a big trash can until the dump opens this weekend. Our clothes smelled like smoke and we didn't stay long. There are looters in the area which is upsetting but once again, my location is such that it will keep my house somewhat protected I think. 

The weather today is cooler with higher humidity and less wind so that should help..


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