Sunday, November 1, 2015

Onions and Garlic Planting - Halloween 2015


So first I would like to say that I am sorry for not posting in such a long time. In late August, I left Riverbed where I had worked for 10 years and took a job with Nokia Technology. That job was about a 2 hour commute from my house so I decided to move closer to it last weekend. I have been so busy that writing the blog entries just couldn't fit in. But as it was Halloween yesterday, you know what that means? It is time to plant the garlic and onions! You have to understand that I still have some onions and garlic left as well but they will not last more than a few months.
First, of course I added some more compost and organic fertilizer to the beds and worked that in well.
Adding compost to the beds
Spacing the beds

Yellow Onions

This time I decided to not crowd the onions so much and spread them out more, with one bed being red onions and the other yellow.The room that was left, I planted with garlic that I harvested from the biggest bulb of last years crop. 

Bulbs in the bed- onions are in the background.
garlic bulbs

All total, it was about $30 to do this. The onion were $10 for 100 starts, so yes that is 0.10 per start. When I was shopping last year, organic red onions were selling for $2 each so I am thinking this is probably one of the best investments I have here at the house!

And finally, some of my greenhouse residents, the California tree frog. They move in during the summer and winter and move out when the rain comes... which is hopefully soon!
Can you see them?

 The frogs are all colored differently and they blend in really well.

This one is an easy one for you! He was just looking out the window..


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