Saturday, November 21, 2015

Trip To Finland Sept 2015


My new job with Nokia requires that I go to Finland for work to the headquarters. My first trip was in late September and since I have never been there before, I stayed an extra day to see the city. 

It was actually gorgeous weather the Saturday I was out and about.. so everyone in the city seemed to be out as well. They have a lot of shopping centers and it seems that shopping, along with coffee, chocolate and ice cream are a national pastime. I went to the fish market and then out to an island fortress called Soumenlinaa. Soumenlinna Official Website
Here are the pictures from the trip..
National Museum




Fortress Wall

Island Church

Signs were funny! But about 400 people live on the island year round

Fortress wall
Inside the wall

Tunnel through the wall

Cannons still there!

Kings gate

View from on top of the walls

Finnish flag flying on the top of the fortress

Beach Area - this was used as a picnic spot for centuries by the Finns

Beach Rocks

Hundreds of names and initials are carved in the rocks

this was from 1830

Building on the island

View back to the Helsinki harbor

It was a good trip - and I have already had to go back! This last one I managed to get over to Trondheim for a weekend as well.. 

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