Monday, December 28, 2015

Tree cutting around the house Dec 2015


Merry Christmas to everyone! 

After the Butte Fire, I took a look at my house and realized that there were some trees that were too close to the house. However, they also were hanging over the play house on the deck and I knew there was no way I could remove them myself. Here is what they looked like...and the one branch was within 2 feet of my roof.

As you can see from the one on the left, the play house was covered.. and the one on the right, the branch is nearly touching the roof of the deck.

I asked around and got a recommendation for a local company called Lone Pine Tree, owned by Dennis Caywood.  Lone Pine Tree He came out and gave me a quote but he had about an 8-10 week backlog of work! And no, he wasn't cheap.. in fact he is more expensive than the others but he has a great reputation, and he is fully licensed and insured. We originally talked about him coming out in February because of his workload. But surprisingly, he gave me a call on Monday and said he could fit me in that Sunday if I was willing to let them work on Sunday.I said yes of course!
It was a dry and brutally cold day, around 29 degrees and covered in frost when they showed up on Sunday morning. They backed their trucks up the hill and got to work so fast! The first tackled the playhouse trees which were the trickiest.. see below.

Do you see the guy IN the tree doing the cutting? His name is Angel and his job was to climb up these trees and take out the high branches. They made a joke about not needing a "boom" truck, real lumberjacks don't use them. 

And then they moved on to the other trees...

Sun coming up and shining on Angel still in the tree.

They keep cutting and cutting and poor Angel had to stay up in those frosty trees for 2 hours!

But then, when they were finished it looked so nice!

I can see from my deck all the way down the hill again. And the trees branches are back a safe distance from my roof. I still have to bring up the logs they cut, split and stack them for wood next year but it is really nice to have this part of it done.

Have a Happy New Year!