Sunday, January 31, 2016

Hall Bathroom Remodel (part 1) - 2016


I am so happy to let you know that it has been raining, a lot! While that is great for our drought situation, it keeps me inside. I can't be out working in the mud even though I really need to get the hop yard started. What I am able to do is tackle those projects that have been sitting undone for years now like the hall bathroom. Now this bathroom is completely functional, in fact I replaced the toilet a few years ago. It is just ugly! I went through a lot of options for this room and decided to paint the vanity, instead of ripping it out and replacing it. One reason is that is way more money and effort, and since I am doing this on my own, well I am looking for easy!

Here is the bathroom before I started -
Before - mirror, old light and robin's egg blue paint

more blue paint

Bathroom Cabinet close up
Cabinet with drawers removed 
This was done over a series of days, with painting the room and replacing the mirror and light fixture first. Then I used a new product by Valspar called "chalky paint" with a sealing wax on the cabinet. First time I used it, and while it took a little longer the outcome was really nice.
Painting Steps - Well I went really boring on the paint and chose a white with a tinge of blue to it. The blue in the cultured marble needed to be acknowledged but at the same time, made to go in the background.
You can see the first coat going up


This actually took 2 coats of paint to cover the blue
Unfortunately, it did take 2 coats of paint because while the first coat "covered", I could see flecks of blue still and that would make me crazy.
After painting, it looked very bright and I didn't want to put back the ugly mirror and brass light fixture. So typical of me, I decided to upgrade those as well... 

Removing and replacing the lamp requires that you turn the switch off!

As usual with this house, there was a mess in there with the wires. First I had to carefully undo the wires from the lamp and take the bracket off. Then used the new bracket to put the wires back together. Minus the tape and mess!

The new light matches the rest of the fixtures in brushed nickle. I am still not happy about the position on the wall but don't have time to tackle moving the light box right now.

Hung up the new mirror, again in brushed nickle and the light just upgrade the space. 
Yes - I even upgraded the toilet paper holder!
The next post will be about painting the cabinet and the process to do that. You get a sneak peek at the color in the picture above.
Once again, no idea why I waited so long to do this! But I tend to want to be outside in my greenhouse... or the garden when the weather is nice. The level of effort on this so far has been minimal and the result is amazing! I think overall I spent about $250 on this upgrade.