Saturday, February 6, 2016

Butte Fire Photos Feb 2016


Today I took my parents on a drive up a 1 lane road to the top of the mountains where the Butte Fire raged this past fall. I haven't gone up to see it yet because I could see enough from the highways and didn't really want to get closer until now. The area used to be very pretty with large trees and houses and farms and creeks... and now it is devastation. It looks like the moon or after a nuclear war. The area has been hit with rain so the property owners are trying to put down straw to help stop the erosion of the dirt. It was very emotional to see all of this and the piles of wreckage that used to be someone's home. Some people are on their property living in a trailer, while the clean up crews work 7 days a week trying to clear the lots. They have to get everything picked up and a dirt sample has to be tested to be clean of hazardous chemicals before they will allow them to rebuild. Here are some pictures..
Do you see the mountains that are black and the dead trees?

that is straw to help with the erosion

My dad and his dog in the back seat.. there is nothing left here.

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