Saturday, April 2, 2016

New Project - Creating a headboard from doors


My parents are going to be selling their house,  and my dad is trying to empty out his workshop. One of the things he has been storing for years is a set of mahogany front doors that came off my sister's house. They weigh about 150 lbs each and are solid, carved wood.
Doors in dad's truck
My original plan was to just use 1 door and fix it horizontally on the wall. But when I got them here and stood them up, I realized that I wanted to use both of them in a vertical position. This required that we put something under them to lift them up and attach it to the wall. We used a scrap piece of 4x4 wood that I had from another project to lift them up.
Brackets screwed into the studs
Then we found the studs in the wall and screwed in 2 brackets for each door, and then screwed the brackets to the tops of the doors. There was an electrical outlet that we cut a hole for as well. When the doors were lined up and fixed to the wall, I could start refinishing them.
Attached to the wall - now to make them pretty!

First, I started sanding them down by hand because they have so much detail that you can't use a power tool. I sanded and sanded but wasn't making that big dent.. I bought a really pretty stain color and decided to give it a try.


Pecan Stain
The stain didn't do much at all... 
Basically the same color again..

I then decided to try and paint the doors. I thought about a dark brown, and a black for aging but the room is painted in Tabu, which is a grey-green color. Tabu Paint From Lowes
I wanted an accent for that color and maybe a bit of drama. I decided to get a paint that was an Aubergine color, aka Purple. I painted only the flat larger trim with that paint.
Borders painted
Then I took the leftover sealing wax from the bathroom project, and used that on the wood areas that were left unpainted. You brush it on and let it sit for 15 minutes and then wipe off what is left.
Fresh Wax
This is the final outcome for this project and I have to tell you I am pretty happy with it... 
Night Time


What do you think?