Sunday, May 22, 2016

Finally! Replaced my ugly entry light !~ May 2016


Some interesting things going on at the house.. I finally changed out the ugly pink lamp that was hanging in the entry. I have installed lots of lights but needed help with this one since it was up so high. Of course when I need help, I ask my dad to help me. 

Here is what the light looked like...
Dad and I goofing around trying to get the ladder up.
Just to show you what the area was like, here is my front door and stairs trying to get the ladder up.

The ladder is multi-functional, but it was still a chore.
Of course, we turned off the power - well sorta. First to take it down, my dad went up on the ladder to do that. Since my fingers are thinner than his, I put up the new one.
Removing the bracket

Ready for a new light
 The chandelier has to be set-up prior to hanging it. We had to thread the power wire through the chain and then trim it to the right height.
Dad braiding through the chain
Finally when that was set-up, Dad held the light while I attached it back to the ceiling. Then we had to spread the arms out, install the lightbulbs and the covers. And it was done! It took longer to safely figure out the ladder than to actually do the work.

Pretty nice!


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