Thursday, August 11, 2016

Garden update August 2016


Well we are still in a drought here in California but we did get some rain this year that allowed me to have a bit of a garden. Not like the ones I have had in the past but hey, I will take what I can get.

My strawberry bed is doing so good that they are spreading and causing a bit of a crowd. So I dug up a few and transplanted them to the asparagus box. Asparagus is mainly a vertical growing plant which means that box tends to get really full of weeds. I am hoping the strawberries will spread out and smother the weeds. One problem with strawberries is that deer find them really tasty.. so I have to keep them covered with bird netting.
Strawberry Planter

Asparagus bed - all trimmed up with strawberries in the back
The sunflowers are doing good as well, with one over 13 feet high.
I am standing on the ground taking this picture and this is way over my head.

This is the view from the deck of the garden... it is not yet where I would like to be but I can only do much at a time. I am considering planting a winter garden this year that is not just onions and garlic but that is a bit risky. It will rely on rain... and that isn't reliable.
And finally - I got to pick the butternut squash that I had growing!
Isn't it gorgeous? Now I hope I get more than one of them... I have a few projects coming up that I am working on and will share once they get going. I am doing a "refresh" of the kitchen and a full remodel of the master bath.


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