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Paris Pictures - Oct 2016 Trip

This is a break from my normal posts because I went to Paris for work recently and my family wants to see the pictures. I didn't want to post them all on Facebook so this post is just pictures of Paris!

Welcome to Paris - for dramatic effect they unloaded the plane in the farthest spot on the airport with an old fashioned ladder in the rain!

Welcome to Paris - Passport control
In case anyone doubts it, they take security very seriously in France. No joking around... there are armed men everywhere in the city as well as the airport.

My hotel was in Montrouge - an area outside of Paris where it was mostly hotels and housing.

Day 1 - Saturday
I walked most everywhere that day which is something I like to do in new places. You can really get to see things and be part of the people on the sidewalks. Which by the way, were many! So much traffic and people everywhere... it was intense!

A church

Pictures from a market I walked by... this is what I love about Europe and Scandnavia.. you still have markets with fresh stuff in your neighborhood.

First stop was the Catacombs tour.... I have wanted to see these for a long time and would have really liked to have been able to see more. Anyone in Paris go spelunking and know how to get in off-limits areas?

These are real bones... this isn't Disneyland.

The good samaritan well inside the catacombs was a functioning well that the workers would meet and eat lunch at..with the bones everywhere..

 There are signs everywhere explaining where a particular group of bones were originally buried. All of these were moved from different cemeteries as Paris grew and needed the land. They were dug up and placed in the catacombs with these signs.

The charcoal on the ceilings were directional markers before the tunnels were electrified... you used them to find your way out!

God is not the author of death.

Follow the line...

They have street signs down below so you know where you are!

Nothing like walking down a dimly lit creepy hallway by yourself..
Next up was the Rodin Museum and Garden.. this is something I wanted to see a long time ago after seeing the Stanford Rodin collection. Have to say while it was good, a lot of it was off limits due to some kind of renovation. I did get to see my favorite sculptures and even some I never saw before.
Walking to the Rodin museum from the Catacombs I got lost and found myself eating lunch on a street with a view of the eiffel tower... pretty nice

Gate of Hell - small carving of a baby

Old woman.. i appreciated this one a lot!

Gates of Hell

Gates of hell

Thinker with the Eiffel tower in the background and roses in front


Pretty Hydrangea - not a lot left in the garden since it was early fall

It is still Saturday and I signed up for a tour group that would take us to dinner in the Eiffel Tower, a boat ride on the Seine and a show at Moulin Rouge. I overestimated what I would be okay with doing.. since I walked 9 miles during the day. I did go to the Eiffel Tower dinner and met some really nice people, took the boat ride but didn't go to the Moulin Rouge. I had another tour booked on Sunday morning that would leave at 8:15am. I was told by one of the folks that I met that I really didn't miss anything and that he didn't get to his hotel until 3am! There was a big city party going on along the banks of the Seine, La Nuit Blanche. It is an annual event that is just to party before the winter starts.... amazing amount of people and once again, security.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip!

Notre Dame from the boat
Day 2 - Sunday 
As you can probably tell, if you travel with me you are going to be wondering when the relaxation starts. I like to get as much as I can into a trip especially if I have only 2 days of free time. For me these were my priority spots that I made it to... and Sunday was a bit more relaxed. Once again it was a tour that was going to take all day, to go out to Giverny and see Monet's house and garden. This is something I wanted to do for a long time... since I am one of the many gardeners in the world who have seen his work and wanted to duplicate it. NOT the paintings, the plantings!
Inspiration for Vincent Van Gogh and his haystacks picture was the countryside here in France

House in Paris that I really liked..

France on the left and England on the right - the view from my plane 

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