Saturday, November 19, 2016

Master Bathroom Remodel - Nov 2016 (Post 1)


It have finally started! The master bathroom remodel is underway and I am very excited! The master bathroom has always been ugly with its two shower heads and pink tile, but it was functional. Until this year when finally both shower heads have stopped working, one will not turn on and the other will not shut off completely. The struggle has been whether to do it myself and just replace things where they are, or to do a complete remodel. For me, it became obvious that we needed to fix the layout as well and that a minor update wasn't going to work. 
Finding a contractor has been the hardest part of the deal so far, because with the homes that were burnt from the Butte fire, all the good ones are very busy. And I only work with contractors who have worked with someone I know, so referral basis only.

So lets get started with the before pictures! 
The bathroom is open to the bedroom, there isn't a door to separate the two spaces except for a broken pocket door shutting off the toilet. And there is a closet at the far end that was an afterthought it seems since the door opening wasn't correct for the size of the door.
No door - all open to the bathroom

Pocket door hiding the toilet and shower

Shower with two shower heads..and the door railing you had to duck under!
Pink Tile with a white design element and blue carpet.
The blue cultured marble was used here as well as the hall bath with the vanity and shower both made out of it.

The plan was to extend the vanity into the closet to make a 2 sink vanity instead of 1 - and to rip out everything and make it nice. 

Up Next - DEMO DAY!


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