Saturday, December 10, 2016

Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel Update Dec 2016


A lot is happening but at the same time, it is hard to show you in pictures what is exactly happening. The bathroom has the new entry door framed so it has a proper separation from the master bedroom. It is amazing how that space is now defined by such a simple act as building a wall.

The drywall and texturing is up as well, which means we needed to primer everything. The new texture was so absorbent that it sucked up a gallon of primer for that small room and it still needed more. 

I also put 3 coats of ceiling paint on it and it sucked it up like a sponge. However, that was a fun way to paint since you didn't have to worry about spills! 

The kitchen is humming along as well, but man do I hate painting cabinets! The new cabinets were delivered and installed on Saturday to fill the spot where the refrigerator used to be. When the cabinetmaker and his son showed up, I mentioned that nothing in the house is straight, plumb or level so I am hoping the cabinets aren't a problem to put in. He said he didn't think they would be and he was wrong. The older run of cabinets were not level but were dropping off as they went back to the corner. This poor guy had to remove that set of cabinets and level them first, before installing his one cabinet. He is a true craftsman and artist and just couldn't do it any other way but the right way. I appreciate that!
Above is the space where the frig used to be and where the new cabinets are going in.

New base cabinet with a spot to hold the microwave so that it is off the countertop.  And here is the old cabinets pulled out and being shaved down to level them off. What a job he had to do!

Microwave has it's own home now which frees up the counter-top space

All the top cabinets are painted

The cabinets are installed and in place and it is amazing how good they look! I spent all weekend painting the top set up cabinets and almost got them finished. Just need to finish the doors. The upper cabinets are the most work because they all of doors.
I have a couple of weeks off at the end of the year and will hopefully get all of this finished, any volunteers that want to come paint with me would be welcome!


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