Monday, January 30, 2017

Bathroom Remodel- FINALLY DONE! - 1/22/17


Well it is done... the bathroom and kitchen have been completed! (Okay, the kitchen has a few little things still but it is good enough for now!)

First - the Bathroom! 

Remember where I started? The bathroom was open to my master bedroom and it was falling apart. The picture on the left is how open it was and notice the lovely pink tile and the only light was from the hollywood bulbs over the vanity? The picture on the right is now, with a beautiful glass sliding door that leads into a light-filled room.


I love the glass door so much, and the fact that I bought it for $350 for the whole kit at Home Depot played a big part in that love. Here is the bathroom with the door closed, just to compare again..this was probably the one find that everyone who worked on the bathroom wanted to talk about! Even the glass guys who put in the shower door were interested in knowing where I got it.
And I can shut the door!

Also, the toilet and the shower were behind a broken pocket door, with a noisy fan that had only 1 bulb in it. The shower had two shower heads but neither was working by the time I started this project and I was actually using the hall bathroom!
Here are the before pictures again - the broken pocket door and the wallpaper and wainscoting.

And here is what it look likes now!

There is a pony wall that is hiding the toilet and the shower is a walk-in with a tall glass partition. The large shower tile is the same as the floor tile which gives a sense of being bigger than it really is. I didn't enlarge the shower room at all, just made it better.

I replaced the old fan with a solar tube with a built in fan and light kit. This picture above on the left is during the day with the light off! That is just sunlight coming through. On the right you can see the tile details in the shower. I used the glass tile as an accent and 1 x 1 inch mosaic in the niche and on the floor. Just to give it a little detail.
The old bathroom had a small closet in it, and I tore that out to make room for the new vanity. That is now a double sink vanity and I had enough room for a corner linen closet. These were custom-made for me by a local cabinet maker and I can't say enough about the quality!

Just a great experience overall - was there issues? Sure - like the wrong tile being delivered and then having to wait another week for the right one to show up. But the place feels so nice now, with lots of light and storage and everything works. Things I learned were that you can save a lot of money by working on a "time and material" basis and basically acting like the contractor. I bought all of the materials myself and directly paid the different workman that came in. I had a licensed contractor that was the main organizer, but he didn't buy materials and then turn around and charge me for them with a markup for his time. IF you have the inclination and knowledge, you can do this as well.

I will post an update on the bathroom next time..


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