Sunday, April 16, 2017

Spring Garden News 4/16/2017


I am so sorry that I haven't posted in a while.. I started a new job at the beginning of the year and with all new jobs comes an increase in time allotted to the work "learning curve". It is another "start-up" in San Francisco and I am working with former colleagues from Riverbed. It felt like I was walking into a brand new house with the same old people, and that is great! 

Back to the house news - 

Rain, Rain, Rain! If you are in the USA you have probably heard about the epic proportions of rain we have gotten in California this year. Remember my moaning about the drought? Well it is over for now, but being a native Californian, I know it will return. The rain has been relentless and in fact this upcoming week, we are expected to get a little more. This means that I can have my regular veggie garden this year outside, along with my green house garden. 

Speaking of the greenhouse, I tried a new idea in one of the grow beds, planting strawberries. The one that gets the most light and heat, doesn't work for greens in our hot summer, and I decided to try a perennial there instead. Standard start to the process, go to the nursery and buy some ugly, brown starts and hope for the best. I have some outside as well so this is actually a good little experiment. At this point in the season, very early still, the strawberries in the grow beds are huge with a lot of berries! The true test will be how they taste. Tomatoes grown in the aquaponic bed didn't have much flavor, they really need to be in dirt. Lets see how these do in the taste category against their brethren in the dirt.

16 inches tall and the leaves measure 8 inches across..amazing!

Outside vs. Inside - the size of the greenhouse leaves are about double the outside.

I also had fun and planted a whole bunch of daffodils in the front yard..something I never would have done if the drought was still going on.
This year my normal onions and garlic are still going strong, but I planted carrots and turnips as well. They are doing great but probably the biggest winner has been the citrus trees so far..

Bok Choy, Carrots and Oranges from my garden

Fresh asparagus from my garden is just divine... I most of the time just eat it raw.

Overall, I am hoping for really good year.. and have started seeds for corn, squash, tomatoes... just a lot of things. Not to mention the berry patch! I will still use tight watering rules and my rain barrels as I can.. the wind is starting to howl outside and another bit of rain is coming. This makes me a very happy girl!